Sundarban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Tranning of Staff

Staff training on different topics during 2022-23
Date Location Topic Organized by Participants
14.06.2022 MIC Hall, Sajnekhali Legal initiative for Forest and Environment CCF & FD / STR Field Staff of STR
21.06.22 to 23.06.22 Conference Room of IWAR & IFC, Salt Latke City, Training on capacity Building of Frontline staff CCF & CF, WL(HQ), WB Shri Abhijit Mondal, FG & Shri Ranjit Bauri, FG
12.07.22 to 13.07.22 MIC Hall, Sajnekhali Wildlife Law and enforcement issues. CCF & FD / STR FD, DFD, AFD and all Range Officers, Research Assistant, Beat Officers, forest guards.
17.08.22 Aranya Bhawan, Salt Lake Kol- 106 Implementing Tally Accounting System in Divisions funded by WBSFDA. CCF, SDP & MS, WBSFDA Shri Sanat Bhadra, Divisional Accountant, & Shri Tamojit Debnath, DEO
11.10.22 to 13.10.22 Chandrapur Forest Administration, Development Resource & Management Academy Chandrapur, Maharashtra Best practices of human and Wildlife conflict mitigation and damage control Dy. Inspector General of Forests (PT), MoEF&CC, GOI Shri Tapas Das, IFS, CCF & FD/STR
17.10.22 to 21.10.22 IGNFA, Dehradun Best Practices in forestry Dy. Inspector General of Forests (PT, MoEF & CC, GOI ) Shri S. Jones Justin, IFS, DFD/STR
17.10.22 to 20.10.22 Mandapam, Tamil Nadu, India Handing Marine Mammal Standing and Response Dean, Faculty of Wildlife Sciences, Wildlife Institute of India Shri Avik Das, Forest Ranger, Land and Law Cell Range
15.11.22 to 17.11.22 Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata "Skill and techniques of Taxidermy" Training and Extension Division, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata Shri Debojyoty Ghosh, Research Assistant, STR
11.12.2022 Conference Hall, MIC, Sajnekhali, STR. 2 days training programme for 30 Wildlife Guides of Sundarban Tiger Reserve. CCF & FD /STR 30 Wildlife Guides of STR
22.12.22 Aranya Bhavan, 6th Floor, Official Procedure CF, Development Circle. Shri G.C. Mondal, UDC, Shri Atanu Roy, UDC
25.02.23 to 27.02.23 IBRAD Campus, Kolkata Biodiversity Conservation for Climate-resilient Sustainable Development Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research & Development Shri Animesh Mondal, Member of Dayapur, JFMC
Tranning of Staff - 2021

Departmental training programme is carried out to sustain in the forests. The forest department have trained their staffs for different purposes in conservation programme.Besides this, the STR also encourage and train the forest guides to earn their livelihood. Capacity building, resource utilizationand skill enhancement with latest technologies are the prime objectives of such training programmes

Beat/ range Date Training Topic
Vidya Beat 12.6.2019 'Tranquilization and Camera Trapping Training to The Frontline Staff of Sundarban'
Sajnekhali WLS 14.9.2021 to 15.9.2021 'Training of Nature Guides'