Sundarban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

Sundarban Tiger Reserve


Plantation is an important activity of forest management as the Sundarbans are often impacted by tropical cyclones like Aila, Amphan etc which results in huge damage to the mangrove ecosystem. There are 2 different schemes of plantation (majorly mangrove) in Sundarbans in the current years,

  • 'State Development Schemes' and
  • 'MGNREGA Greening Sundarban'.

Under the State Development Schemes, Hectares of plantation are being taken up in the year 2021-22. Under Greening Sundarbans Project, the devastated areas of Amphan- cyclone are being restored by planting mangroves in 500 hectares of land both within the forest area and in the surrounding fringe village areas to stabilise and revive the lost mangrove cover of the region with the help of district administration under MGNREGA Scheme.

The First Defence barrier - Mangrove forest is the first defence barrier to the cyclones created in the Bay of Bengal in the pre- monsoon seasons. It acts as a guard wall from the oceanic natural calamities to the entire lower Gangetic plain.

Recent Plantation Status:

Recent Plantation Status 2020-21
District Circle Division Physical Target Achievement
24 South Parganas Sundarban Tiger Reserve Sundarban Tiger Reserve Mangrove Plantation 2021-22:5 Ha. Plantation in progress
DPN (Achievement): 25 Ha 25 Ha.
DPN (Creation): 15 Ha. 15 Ha. (10 ha. damaged by Yass)
MGNREGA 2020-21:500 Ha Infilling works in progress -500Ha.
MGNREGA 2021-22: 60 Ha. Work in progress -60Ha.