Sundarban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Special Day Celebration

International Tiger Day - II 29-July

International Tiger Day...a day to appreciate the beauty, grandeur and importance of our National Animal.... BENGAL TIGER. Every year, at Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR) we take this opportunity to create awareness among young students and local people by organizing interactive programmes. Two books had released on the day, 'The Annual Report 2022-23' and the 'Otters in Sundarban Tiger Reserve: Status Report 2023' prepared by the Research Range, STR.

World Mangrove Day II 26-July

Mangroves act as natural shock absorbers in oceanic- calamities. They also provide livelihood support to coastal communities along with ecosystem services. World Mangrove Day is celebrated on 26th July every year. The general objectives of World Mangrove Day are - to raise awareness of the importance of mangrove ecosystems as a unique, special and vulnerable ecosystem and to promote solutions for their sustainable management, conservation and uses for the sustainable life and livelihood of the people.

World Environment Day II 5-June

A comprehensive programme with local students, teachers and people's representatives of JFMCs under STR has been observed on this World Environment Day at P.C. Sen High School, Dayapur by Sundarban Tiger Reserve authority. As the theme of World Environment Day, 2023 is 'Beat Plastic Pollution', the schedule started with an anti- plastic drive highlighting people's action towards plastic pollution followed by a Drawing Competition on 'Eco friendly practices for a greener world', a small video show on eco restoration possibilities of Sundarban, a symbolic plantation at the school premises & a small street play on 'Eco sustainable tourism in Sundarban'. Total 200 students have participated in the program. The enthusiasm of youngsters surpassed the pulsating heat, pledging a resilient eco-friendly future of Sundarban landscape.

Mission LiFE Promotion -2023

Mission 'LIFE', a central government scheme has been celebrated in fringe areas and camps of STR through plethora of involving events ranging from Cycle Rally at Gosaba and Samshernagar to anti plastic cleanliness drive at all river bodies adjacent to fringe villages, wetland habitat restoration through pond cleaning at various Panchayat areas, promotion of pollution free Eco Tourism activities through cleanliness drive at a number of eco resorts and home stays, training on solid waste disposal along with Lodge Owners of Pakhirala, Bali, Kalitala and Samshernagar, etc. All frontline staffs, officers and Joint Forest Management Committee members have come forward to take part in the programmes in a happening manner that would, not only create an eco friendly atmosphere among social stake holders but also, successfully establish a pledge towards a sustainable future. The target of 300 individual LiFE events has been achieved by the Sundarban Tiger Reserve. The events not only reduce the carbon footprint, but also contribute to cost-effective ratio showcasing a model of sustainable utilization of resources.

50 years of Project Tiger in Sundarban Tiger Reserve: 2023

The Sundarban is one of the oldest tiger reserves in our country. The Project Tiger was implemented in the year 1973 by the Govt. of India. Not only a tiger reserve, the Sundarban is a unique place of attraction, a Biosphere Reserve under Man And Biosphere program, UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Ramsar Site of international importance and also a CATS accredited site. This year at Sajnekhali WLS range the celebration of 50 years of Sundarban Tiger Reserve is celebrated with great devotion. A conservation partnership program for the upliftment of the local JFMCs is launched on the same day. A tiger Mascot- Sujoy (abbreviation- Subarna Joyanti of STR) is released the authority. A book named- 'Enigmatic Sundarbans' is also released by the department, commemorating the 50 years of Project Tiger in the Mysterious Mangrove.