Sundarban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Medical & Veterinary Camps

Medical Camps

Several medical camps were organized by the STR in association with agencies and NGOs. The active participation of the local people, medical staffs and the government officials make the camps successful. Moreover, after the devastation effects of the cyclone 'Yaas' in the coastal Bengal medical teams were actively aiding the inhabitants with all supports.

Medical Camps:
SL. No Range JFMC Areas No. of Beneficiary
01 Basirhat Bagna Para 131 persons (Male:40, Female: 60, Children:31)

Veterinary Camps-free medical checkup of the livestock.:
SL. No Range JFMC Areas Nos. of Livestock checked
01 Basirhat Mitrabari 1738
Emlibari 1265
Gobindapur 787
Hentalbari 1397
Kalidaspur 943
Bagna Para 933
Bhrulia Para 2172
Adibasi Para 1495
Hemnagar 1379
Kalitala- Parghumti 1311
Samsernagar 938
02 Sajnekhali Dulki 2054
Sonagaon 1462
Pakhirala 4806
Jamespur 1645
Dayapur 1412
Anpur- Rajatjubilee 1050
Lahiripur- Santigachi 2643
Chargheri 1563
Luxbagan-ParashmaniBidhan Colony 2686
03 National Park West (HQ Vidya) Amlamethi 705
Mathurakhand 1385
Satyanarayanpur 228
Bali 1142
Bijoynagar 1446

Previous year Medical Camps
SL. No Agency Date Area Persons
01 Associated Initiative for Mankind Foundation & West Bengal Orthopaedic Association 05.06.2021 Bhruliapara JFMC under Basirhat Range. 102 persons (Male:51, Female: 48, Children:03)
02 Swastika Sangha 15.06.2021 Palamari of Kumirmari under Basirhat Range 83 persons (Male:25, Female: 44, Children:14)
03 Institute for Indian Mother and Child 15.06.2021 HaritalaMayarani Sangha of Kumirmari under Basirhat Range. 94 persons (Male:46, Female: 35, Children:13)
04 StripsAnd Green Earth Foundation (SAGE) 19.06.2021 HaritalaMayarani Sangha of Kumirmari under Basirhat Range 74 persons (Male:47, Female: 23, Children:4)
05 Prataya 19.06.2021 Palamari of Kumirmari under Basirhat Range 161 persons (Male:69, Female: 81, Children:11
06 Students Health Home 21.06.2021 Kalidaspur 9 no. Purbapara of ChotoMollakhali under Basirhat Range 177 persons (Male:67, Female: 85, Children:25)