Recovery of Batagur Baska

Once available in plentiful in Sundarban. Batagur baska is now a critically endangered River Terapin. From 2012 an attempt is being made to recover Batagur baska in Sundarban Tiger Reserve. Accordingly 33 nos. of Batagur hatchling were reported during 2012 and is now being successfully reared at the hatching enclosure in Sajnekhali. They are being reared with the active participation and support of Madras Crocodile Bank Trust. There has been no mortality of the hatching during this period. It has been resolved that 2 year old Batagur hatching or Batagur Baska weight 1 kg. will be released in the wild after habitat survey with the active assistance of Madras Crocodile Bank Trust.

The successful re-introduction of Batagur baska in Sundarban will eventually restore critically endangered species in the wild again.

Breeding of Batagur baska
Baska Hatchling were reported during Nos.
2013-14 55
2014-15   57
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