Problems and Prospects
    • Trans-boundary problem with Bangladesh.
    • Inadequate staff strength with 50% vacancies in front-line staff.
    • Poor infrastructure like insufficient number of fast-moving watercrafts, sophisticated firearms & ammunition, protection camp etc.
    • Heavy biotic pressure on forests by fringe villagers for fuelwood, collection of crab, honey and tiger prawn seeds, catching fishes as the socio-economic condition of villagers is very poor.
    • Natural calamities like cyclones, ‘Sidr’, ‘Aila’ etc.
    • Global warming and climate change.
    • Straying of Tigers & consequent Human-Tiger conflicts
    • Difficult terrain, unstable soil, corrosive nature.
    • Lack of inter-agency co-ordination, poor intelligence sharing and lack of awareness.
    • Increase salinity due to reduced flow of sweet water.
    • Socio-political conflicts.
    • Insufficient and timely fund flow.
    • Pollution created by old watercraft.
    • Lack of proper guidelines regulating tourist numbers, waste management etc.

    • The entire area is well demarcated with natural boundary and consequently the area is entirely encroachment free.
    • Since the entire area gets inundated twice daily due to tidal fluctuation, there are no incidences of Fire.
    • Due into terrain, location and species diversity the entire area is also grazing free.
    • There is scope for major development and growth in Eco-Tourism in the permitted Zone.
    • The area also provides scope for research in many important fields.
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