Migratory Birds

There are over 200 species of birds, which have been recorded from the area as per the bird surveys conducted in the area. These include a large number of migrants from the higher latitudes that visit the area in winter. During the monsoons heronaries develop in Arbesi and Jhilla block. Common birds found in the area include herons, ergrets, darters, spoonbills, cormorants and storks etc., which come out and nest in the area. Earlier there was a heronry around Sajnekhali covering 1.5 sq. k.m. area, which used to develop from June to end of September. However, this nesting ground suffered intense damage during the cyclone of 1988 and is no more active.

List of common Migratory Birds found in Sundarban:

    • Whimprel
    • Black-tailed Godwit
    • Little Stint
    • Eastern Knot
    • Curlew
    • Sandpiper
    • Golden Plover
    • Pintail
    • White Eyed Poachard
    • Whistling Teal
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