Joint Forest Management

In the Fringe area around Sundarban 14 Eco-Development Committees (EDCs) and 11 Forest Protection Committees ( FPCs)  were formed to strengthen the protection regime with the involvement of local people in Protection .
As per the then Government Orders/Rules/Resolution, all 14 EDCs used to receive 25% share from the Eco-Tourism Receipt but those 11 FPCs remained deprived from getting the Eco-Tourism Share.
This disparity has been removed vide Government Resolution No. 2063-For/6M-28/02 dated 25/10/2014. Now all those EDCs & FPCs have been changed/renamed into JFMCs and they all are now entitled to receive the 25% share of the Eco-Tourism Receipt.
In the current year already 19 JFMCs have received their share @ Rs. 2,58,688/- for each JFMC.

List Of Joint Forest Management Committees
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