Anti Poaching Camps
One State Armed Police Camp is posted at Jhila under Bashirhat Range headquarters. It also functions as a Special Strike Force and assists the field staffs in patrolling, raids and tiger rescue operations.
  • State Armed Police Force Camp established in the year: 2000
  • No. of State Armed Police personnel posted: 5+1
  • Rank of highest ranked officer posted in the Camp:: Head Constable
Two BSF camps have been established at Khatuajhuri and Bagna camps under Bashirhat Range. They along with the field staff carry out joint patrolling operations besides performing their day to day duties. No. of BSF personnel posted:  6+1 (Khatuajhuri ) and 9+1 (Bagna Camp) Name of highest ranked officer posted in the Camp: Sub-Inspector
List of anti poaching camps
Land-based Camps Floating Camps/ Check-Posts
Sl. No. Location Range Sl. No. Location Range
1 Pakhiralaya   Sajnekhali Wild Life Sanctuary Range 1 Samsernagar   Bashirhat Range
2 Sajnekhali 2 Kaksa
3 Duttar 3 Kakmari
4 Dobanki
5 Sudhanyakhali 4 Chilmari
6 Jhilla Bashirhat Range 5 Pirkhali Sajnekhali Wild Life Sanctuary Range
7 Bagna 6 Sadakkhali
8 Jhingekhali 7 Tentultola
9 Khatuajhuri-Harinbhanga 8 Chayan
9 Burirdabri      
10 Harikhali    
11 Canning H.Q. H.Q  Range      
12 Chamta National Park (East)      
13 Bagmara      
14 Gosaba H.Q.      
15 Sonakhali      
16 Chandkhali      
16 Haldibari National Park (West)      
17 Netidhopani      
18 Bidya      
19 Kendo      
20 Rampura Rampura Mobile Range      

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