Sundarban Tiger Reserve
Non-Timber Forest Produce
Honey and bees-wax are the minor forest produce, which are collected during the months of April and May. Sundarban Tiger Reserve issues permits every year for honey collection. The honey so collected is deposited at different godowns of the Tiger Reserve for storage and subsequent disposal by handing over the same to West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited. Earlier, Golpata (Nypa sp.) and Hental (Phoenix sp.), which were collected by the fringe villagers was discontinued in 1978 and 1991 respectively. The coupe operation has been stopped since the year 2001.
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Download - 2019-09-25
Publication of e-Tender Notice
Download - 2019-09-25
Publication for e-Tender Notice No. WQBFOR/STR/DFD/NIT04(e)/19-20
Download - 2019-09-20
Publication of corrigendum notice
Download - 2019-09-13
Tender Notice No. 10/Construction of Room for Installation of Water Treatment Plant at Pakhirala under SWLS Range, Sundarban Tiger Reserve 2019-20
Download - 2019-09-09
Publication of Tender Notice No. 9/Supply & Installation of Water Treatment Plant of capacity 1500IPH at Pakhirala under SWLS Range.
Download - 2019-09-09
Publication for e-Tender Notice No. WBFOR/STR/DFD/NIT03(e)/19-20
Download - 2019-09-05
Publication for Corrigendum of e-Tender Notice Nos. WBFOR/STR/DFD/NIT-01(e)/19-20 and FOR/STR/DFD/NIT-02(e)/19-20
Download - 2019-08-22
Annual Report 2017-18
Download - 2019-08-21
Publication for e-Tender Notice No. WBFOR/STR/DFD/NIT02(e)/19-20
Download - 2019-08-20
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