Sundarban Tiger Reserve
Do & Dont's


  • Follow Forest & Environment rules.
  • Conduct environment friendly tourism
  • Respect local cultures.
  • Provide registered eco-guide service to the tourist.
  • Support Sundarban Tiger Reserve by paying entry and other fees all the times.
  • Work in co- operation with Tiger Reserve to develop plans for visitor management that protects local people and the environment.
  • Offer site sensitive accommodations e.g. promote lodges to reflect the local natural and cultural environment, using the principle of sustainable design and local design styles.
  • Solid waste Management Plan through reuse and recycling.
  • Make aware local people on environment friendly responsibilities.
  • Educate the tourists on Sundarban Conservation.
  • Promote environment friendly waste and sewage disposal system.
  • Animal sighting are a matter of change be patient.
  • Respect wild animals and their habitat.
  • Follow instructions of forest staff and eco-guides.



  • Don’t use non renewable construction materials.
  • Don’t Use plastic bags/ thermocols.
  • Don’t throw waste into the river or adjacent to the rivers.
  • Don’t Exceeded the sound limits.
  • Don’t Breach forest and environment laws.
  • Don’t Stay in STR beyond permitted time.
  • Don’t enter in restricted areas.
  • Don’t consume alcohol in STR for our safety.
  • Don’t Tease/harm wild animals by throwing objects like bottles or stones.
  • Don’t feed any wild animals especially monkeys.
  • Don’t get down from boat/ launch in forest expect at designed camps.
News & Events
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Publication of Expression of Interest
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TENDER NOTICE NO. 12/ Renovation of Chain-link fencing at Burirdabri under Basirhat Range,Sundarban Tiger Reserve during 2019-20(2nd Call)
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TENDER NOTICE NO. 13/ Construction of Cement Concrete Ghat at Chamta under National Park (East) Range ,Sundarban Tiger Reserve during 2019- 20(2nd Call)
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Publication for e-Tender Notice No. WBFOR/STR/DFD/NIT04(e)/2019-20 (2nd Call)
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Publication of e-Tender Notice
Download - 2019-09-25
Publication for e-Tender Notice No. WQBFOR/STR/DFD/NIT04(e)/19-20
Download - 2019-09-20
Publication of corrigendum notice
Download - 2019-09-13
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